About Us

Lasani Group was established in 1987 to cater the demands of inland transport requirements of the importers, exporters and industries, which require an express service for the movement of goods through road, rail and air. Since then we have increased our customer’s base considerably and expanded to provide a variety of services for which we have earned a reputation for our professional, efficient and courteous services. The core field of Lasani Group is Goods forwarding, Rail cargo, Container services and Logistic Services.

Lasani has become a leading service provider of wide range of supply chain solutions for manufacturing, Industrial, retail and Government Customers. The Company now is second to none in the heavy freight segment of this market. Today the Lasani companies are assuming total management of the complex transportation and information network required for companies to get all the raw material they need not  just on the right day, but at the right time of the day. Then effectively managing warehouses, completing final configuration, packing products and distributing the finished goods with the same timing precision.

The Lasani companies collectively move Billions Kgs of freight per year. Movement of information is now as important as the movement of the product that Lasani delivers for its customers. The company continues to invest heavily in technology focusing, its efforts on conducting customers transitions, developing and implementing state of the art dispatch, warehouse management, order fulfillment and optimizing the routing of its truck and plan in order to increase efficiency and reduce transit times.

Lasani Group offers a full range of public Transport, Rail Cargo, Goods Forwarding and Container services designed to meet the expanding need of its Customers. Our system is designed to ensure that implementation of methods, procedures, responsibilities and authority to execute all company activities is effective and systematic. It also ensures conformity to the requirements of the ISO 9001 / 2008 as well as the company’s environmental, safety, quality Management Objectives and policies. Lasani’s system further matches customers service requirements with own standards and management.


We aim to:

  1. Establish a company culture where care for the environment is responsibility taken through systematic checks.
  2. Minimize the health & safety accidents through systematic management of health & safety risks.
  3. Improve Customers service quality by minimizing customer complaints, service irregularities and claims.
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction with the quality and reliability of our service.
  5. Improve efficiency through standardization & simplification.
  6. Improve our effectiveness with systematic, continuous verification.
  7. Build, accumulate and share information regarding work procedure and know how. Activity provide our customers with a positive impression and excellent service, and further support this role by contributing to the community and fulfilling our social duties and responsibilities.

To ensure quality services, open communications and personal attention, our dedicated staff members always have overall management responsibilities for each client matter. Our devotion towards the job, professional background overriding attention to services, forward thinking, reliability, cost efficiency, doing clients services on competitive rates and promptness in matters of payments with fellow freight forwarder around the globe is the main reason of our fast development.

Our Future Plans

Lasani Goods Transport Company aims to build a cold storage to facilitate the industry. Lasanai Goods will offer handling and storage of temperature control and perishable goods like, Pharmaceutical Raw materials, Medicine, seafood, meat supplies, mangoes, Kenos & other products. Lasani aims with passion to provide complete logistic solution to the business community of Pakistan.

Professional Team

Our Professional team is a unique combination of MBAs, Certified Financial Consultants, Chartered Accountant, Cost and Management Accountants, Master and Graduate in commerce, Marketing experts and well trained Technical staff, dedicated in providing the best of their services to our worthy business clients. Our experts execute with speed, skill and forethought. Our team continually seeks ways to keeps ways to keep you ahead of your competitors, to move your products efficiently and to optimize your critical supply chain.

The Team composition is as follows.

Permanent Staff
Qualified Staff (Other than Partners)
Country Manager    
General Managers  
Marketing Managers 
Managers Finance and Accounts 
Operation Manager   
Manager Operations & Development 
Assistant Managers   
Administration Staff 
Contracted Staff (Labor)


Our Strength

Rana Rafaqat Ali is the founder of Lasani Group. He commenced his transport business in 1987 at Lahore. He is the person giving diversification to the company's range of services and with the devotion and hard work made it a well reputed Company in the field of goods forwarding and cargo services. He is playing positive role for the development of Goods Transport business with the association of Punjab Goods Transport Association and keenly interested for modernization and development of goods transport sector and struggling to be recognized as an industry by the Government of Pakistan.

He holds the following positions (other than business)
CHAIRMAN Punjab Goods Transport Association
PRESIDENT (Punjab) Rajput Supreme Council of Pakistan
CHIEF EDITOR Lasani Times (Weekly)
CHAIRMAN Lasani Welfare Society
SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Ahbab Hospital (Bazam-e-Ehbab Lahore)
PATTERN IN-CHEIF Lasani free technical training institute for Girls




Launched Lasani logistics joining hands with Lasani Group one of the leading Transporters in Pakistan and First ISO certified Co.  Rana Rafaqat Ali Chairman Lasani group is a revolutionary transporter who is a pioneer in changing Adda Culture in Pakistan.
Since last 20 year I have been handling Courier and Cargo Management/Administrator and planning, directing executive-level administrative affairs and support. Combined organizational and communication skills with the ability to independently plan and manage diverse business relationships.

I stress on dedicated services, as Cargo officers has vested interest in looking after customers business personally. Customer will be seeing the same person for collection and delivery. Hence couriers build up an understanding for their requirements in order to be right there wherever they   need him. They solve most of customer’s problems on the spot and thereby win their confidence.




Official Email : sales1@lasanigroup.com
Official Cell : 0345-9437605

My Professional Experience encompasses the following work spheres:
Lasani Logistics -                 Working from 2010

Icepac – Kold Karrier         06 months 2009-2010

Agility Logistics -                 3 years 2006-2009

TCS Overland -                    12 years 1994-2006

Expertise in Project handling.
Expertise in Delivery Solution and Time Management.

Well skilled in logistic operations and staff management.
Fleet Management services for Engro at Icepac and for Metro at Lasani.
Expertise in execution of cost effective logistics operations.
Able to lead team in demanding and crucial situation.
Self-motivated, hardworking and honest.
Enjoying working with colleagues.
Strong co-ordination with clients and seniors.

Specialties: FTL Services, Warehousing Management, Project Management, Delivery Solution, Time Management, Staff Management, Fleet Management, Cost Effective Execution of Operations, customer relations, English vocal & writing, logistics operations, Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft outlook, operational networking, sales, transportation, Urdu verbal & writing.












Mr. Munir Aslam                                        Designation: Sales Manager (Pakistan)

Mr. Munir Aslam is very experienced person and Prior to joining Lasani was working in TCS for 22 years in Sales, Recoveries and operation Departments and he is responsible for developing the sales strategies and operations Office, projects management and Key accounts channels as well as diversification strategy, in Pakistan. Also Munir Aslam is in charge of implementing and managing the sales activities, identify new market opportunities and define the actions required to bring a new dynamic to business and generate new growth.

Contact Detail: - Mobile number 0345-9437608, 0300-8420071, Email: sm@lasanigroup.com,

Education: - MBA in Marketing & Finance and Master in Computer Science

Work Experience:- Joined Lasani Logistic in Nov 2018 and prior to Lasani Joined TCS and worked in different segments, Operation, Recoveries(T.O), Sales (BDM), Officiate as Corporate Sales Head for One year, Key Account Manager (Banking), Sr. Manager Collections – Central Region of TCS.

Specialties: Sales & Recovery, Company Future Planning Expert, New Branches Establishment, Establishing new segments, Network enhancement expert, Profitable Business Management, FTL Services, Warehousing Management, Project Management, Time Management, Staff Management, Fleet Management, Customer relations, English vocal & writing, Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft outlook, Urdu verbal & writing,





Mrs. Sania Umer                                     Designation: Manager Operations & Development

Mrs. Sania Umer is highly qualified and experienced employee of Lasani Logistics. She is the Asset of the Company and she has proved her coin of success through her hardworking and skills. She is a permanent employee and working in a senior position with us as a Manager Operations & Development. She has been attached with us since 07th October 2016. Initially on 07th October 2016; she was appointed as an Assistant Manager Operations & Development. Later on, on 30th July 2018, she was promoted to the position of Manager Operations & Development. Since that time she is working as a Manager Operations & Development in our esteemed organisation.




Mr. Ahtesham Ali               Designation: Asst. Manager Operation

Mr. Ahtesham Ali is very experience person and Prior to joining Lasani was working in TCS for 32 years in operation Departments at multiple locations and he is Expertise in Project handling, Expertise in Delivery Solution and Time Management, Well skilled in logistic operations and staff management, Expertise in execution of cost effective logistics operations, able to lead team in demanding and critical situation, Self-motivated, hardworking and honest, Enjoying working with colleagues and Strong co-ordination with clients and Seniors.

Contact Numbers: - Mobile number 0346-1119858, 0300-8480319, Email: amops@lasanigroup.com,

Work Experience:- Joined Lasani Logistic in April 2019 and prior to Lasani Joined TCS and worked in different segments of Operation, work in warehousing,  work is accounts department, work is customer services department, Branch Manager in Raiwind & Sahiwal.

Specialties: FTL Services, Warehousing Management, Project Management, Delivery Solution, Time Management, Staff Management, Fleet Management, Cost Effective Execution of Operations, customer relations, English vocal & writing, logistics operations, Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft outlook, operational networking, sales, transportation, Urdu verbal & writing,





Mr. Adeel Ghulzar                                                            Designation: Branch Manager (Islamabad)

Mr. Adeel is highly experience person and ability to manage the Branch sort out the issues and to manage the deliveries and Pickup from customer’s premises and monitor to North Region, monitor operation, Accounts, Customer Services, Sales, Recoveries, Administration & IT departments, arrange forwarding to destinations toward North, Central & South Regions, Manager FTL movements

Contact Numbers: - Mobile number 0346-3337888, 0332-5888288, Email: isb@lasanigroup.com

Work Experience:- Joined Lasani Logistic in Sep 2017 and prior to Lasani Joined DCS as Branch Manage In Gujranwala for 13 year, Branch Manager – Islamabad for one year.





In a logistics company, fleet manager plays a pivotal role. Fleet manager is responsible for selecting and maintaining vehicles in order to keep deliveries and distributions on schedule and within established budgets. In order to succeed, fleet manager need significant experience and skills in operations, logistics and software programs to monitor both fleets and driver.






Mr. Muhammad Abid Raza                    Designation: Fleet/Admin Manager

Responsibilities: - Fleet manager in our logistics company is responsible for selecting the right vehicles and maintaining them in good operating condition so that the company can meet its distribution objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. He has considerable operational experience in logistics and vehicle maintenance, and use fleet management software to track and monitor the various aspects of fleet and driver operations.

Functional Relationships with:  All transport Workshops, Parts dealers, Security Guards, Lesco, broad band service provider and Police Stations officials, Printing Suppliers, Labour Court and social Security Associations, I T Consultants for CCTV Cameras, computerized Attendance, and switchboard.

Contact Numbers: -

0345-943- 7612

 0321-824- 4949


Education: - Bachler in Computer Science.

Work Experience: - Joined Lasani Logistic in Jan 2015 and prior to joining Lasani was working in H&H Group Lahore for 13 years in administration and Real Estate monitoring.