Our Aim To

  1. Establish a company culture where care for the environment is responsibility taken through systematic checks.
  2. Minimize the health & safety accidents through systematic management of health & safety risks,
  3. Improve Customers service quality by minimizing customer complaints, service irregularities and claims
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction with the quality and reliability of our service
  5. Improve efficiency through standardization & simplification.
  6. Improve our effectiveness with systematic, continuous verification
  7. Build, accumulate and share information regarding work procedure and know how. Actively provide our customers with a positive impression and excellent service, and further support this role by contributing to the community and fulfilling our social duties and responsibilities.
    To ensure quality services, open communications and personal attention, our dedicated staff members always have overall management responsibilities for each client matter. Our devotion towards the job, professional background overriding attention to services, forward thinking, reliability, cost efficiency, doing clients services on competitive rates and promptness in matters of payments with fellow freight forwarder around the globe is the main reason of our fast development

Our Future Plans

Lasani Goods Transport Company aims to build a cold storage to facilitate the industry. Lasani Goods will offer handling and storage of temperature control and perishable goods like, Pharmaceutical Raw materials, Medicine, seafood, meat supplies, mangoes, Kenos & other products. Lasani aims with passion to provide complete logistic solution to the business community of Pakistan