Lasani Group was established in 1987 to cater the demands

of inland transport requirements of the importers, exporters and industries, which require an express service for the movement of goods through road, rail and air. Since then we have increased our customer’s base considerably and expanded to provide a variety of services for which we have earned a reputation for our professional, efficient and courteous services. The core field of Lasani Group is Goods forwarding, Rail cargo, Container services and Logistic Service.

Lasani has become a leading service provider of wide range of supply chain solutions for manufacturing, Industrial, retail and Government Customers. The Company now is second to none in the heavy freight segment of this market. Today the Lasani companies are assuming total management of the complex transportation and information network required for companies to get all the raw material they need not just on the right day, but at the right time of the day. Then effectively managing warehouses, completing final configuration, packing products, and distributing the finished goods with the same timing precision.

The Lasani companies collectively move Billion Kgs of freight per year. Movement of information is now as important as the movement of the product that Lasani delivers for its customers. The company continues to invest heavily in technology focusing, its efforts on conducting customers transitions, developing and implementing state of the art dispatch, warehouse management, order fulfillment and optimizing the routing of its truck and plan in order to increase efficiency and reduce transit times.

Lasani Group offers a full range of Public Transport, Rail Cargo, Goods Forwarding, and Container services designed to meet the expanding need of its Customers. Our system is designed to ensure that implementation of methods, procedures, responsibilities, and authority to execute all company activities is effective and systematic. It also ensures conformity to the requirements of the ISO 9001/2008 as well as the company’s environmental, safety, quality Management Objectives and policies.  Lasani’s system further matches customers service requirements with own standards and management.